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20/20 is an item in The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth. It is a pair of glasses with black frames.


Isaac is shown wearing glasses with tape going down the middle.

Each shot will fire 2 tears in a parallel pattern.Unlike The Inner Eye and Mutant Spider, 20/20 does not affect your Tears stat, therefore effectively double your damage output. However, it cannot synergize with some items that synergize with those two items well.



  • Polyphemus - Two giant tears are fired together. Unlike The Inner Eye and Mutant Spider, the damage formula of Polyphemus will not be changed.
  • Cursed Eye - Shoots 4 pairs of tears in a rapid succession. Note that if 20/20 is picked up later than Cursed Eye, the charging animation of Cursed Eye will be overriden.
  • Epic Fetus and Doctor's Remote - Strikes target area with 2 consecutive missiles.
  • IPECAC - Two IPECAC shots are fired without decreasing either blast's damage.


20/20 vision is a term used to describe ones sight. 20/20 vision means one can see from 20 feet away what average people see from 20 feet away, AKA one has average sight.


20/20 can be found in the first treasure room using the following seed(s):

  • ZVKK 1S3J
  • K261

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