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Dead Baby

Playing with ??? is a challenge, but his drawback also comes with upsides. His main gimmick relies on exploiting health based items or rooms.



  • The Devil Room/Angel Room have an increased chance of spawning for ??? as not taking Red Heart damage on the boss increases the chances of these rooms spawning.
  • The Devil Room will always offer items at the price of three Soul Hearts. However, certain items provide the player with Soul Hearts when picked up (The Pact with two, The Mark with one), making them more viable overall.
    • If you don't purchase anything in the Devil Room, the Angel Room can now spawn. Angel Rooms offer great items for free (especially the Mitre and the Relic), and they're not detrimental to ???'s health.
  • Since ??? only has Soul Hearts and cannot acquire Heart Containers, the usually risky condition of having only a half-heart or no heart containers left is always present.
    • Boss Challenge Rooms are always opened
    • Challenge Rooms are always opened.
    • The Whore of Babylon item will always be active.
    • Trinkets or other items that activate when the player is down to half a heart are active every time the player takes damage (The Polaroid, etc.).
      • Scapular is an exception, and will only activate when ??? reaches no soul hearts left. When this happens, ??? receives one. This effect can only occur once per room, to stop invincibility for ???.
  • While Eternal Hearts can only turn into Soul Hearts, it's basically impossible to lose them by taking damage (since ??? will die from having no Soul Hearts left at first).
    • Keep in mind that using the Blood Donation Machine, IV Bag or a Devil Beggar will still use up Eternal Hearts first.
    • For this reason, if possible, take Eternal Hearts before using the trap in the boss room.
  • Effects that temporarily grant the character an additional Heart Container will give ??? a permanent Soul Heart instead. Note, however, that this will put ??? at "negative" health, so the next health up he gains will put him back at "zero" health and give him nothing.
    • This makes the tarot card XI Strength particularly useful. 
    • The Liberty Cap trinket gives a random mushroom effect whenever the player enters another room. One of them provides a health up, but ??? can only gain one Soul Heart per playthrough in this fashion.

Tips and tricksEdit

  • Buy Soul Hearts in Shops.
  • Make deals with the devil that give you items that give soul hearts (like The Pact, or The Nail)
    • Making a deal with the devil with exactly 3 Soul Hearts for those items won't kill you, but will still pop the death screen, forcing you to begin a new playthrough.
  • The Poop recharges with every room. Always use it, as even its minimal chance of providing Coins can make the difference.
    • Always pop the poop pile created by it before leaving the room, since it will despawn otherwise.
    • Consider using it as an obstacle for enemies or their projectiles.
  • Tinted rocks become even more useful because of the possibility of important Soul Hearts. Consider using your bombs on those instead of attempting to find the Secret Rooms.
    • If the rocks are adjacent to a wall, place your bomb in between the rock and the wall, to keep the possibility of opening up a Secret Room.
  • Having The Wafer allows you to make deals with the Devil for only half a soul heart, as long as you have at least 3 Soul Hearts.
    • This way, you can actually get additional soul hearts from the devil if you take items that give you soul hearts (like The Pact)
  • Curse Rooms have a high risk, high reward. You end up losing one Soul Heart (assuming ??? doesn't have Flight, or the ability to teleport back out), but have the chance of getting two or even four Soul Hearts back, acquiring a Devil Room/Angel Room item, Pills, and might also discover an adjacent Secret Room, or Super Secret Room.
    • You can check them out on the first floor and reset the playthrough if it didn't work out nicely.


Best Items:

Good Items:

  • D20 (can be used to reroll heart pickups into Soul Hearts)
  • <3 (will only recover Soul Hearts when ??? is below three Soul Hearts)
  • Full Health Pills (will only recover Soul Hearts when ??? is below three Soul Hearts)
  • The Tick (still takes 15% health off of bosses, but doesn't heal ??? and can't be removed as always unless you have Mom's Purse)
  • Blood Rights (When you have invincibility shields up)

Bad Items:

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